My work can be best described as a

Contemporary mixed media collection with an emphasis on

Photo printmaking and painting on copper and brass

Plastering technique working with marble dust plaster on canvas

The technique of photo printmaking opened up a new and fascinating path for me to cross the boundaries of photography (origin of my work), printmaking and painting.

Experimenting with all kinds of materials, I fell in love with working on copper and brass and the exploration of reflective, textural and thematic possibilities of this medium. My work takes the image through a series of transformations such as: digital imaging, collage, mixed media techniques, photo printmaking (transfer), and patination (use of patina paint, chemicals, heat).

Every step creates a different version of the original print and a different feel.

The photographic images you find in my work describe my cultural, social and political impressions, as well as my love of legends, myths and fairytales, or simply my personal observations of daily life matters.

The second body of my work reflects my deep connection to the “European Old World” and its unique charm.

The beauty of decay as an existential concept has inflamed my imagination and opened the door to finding new materials and techniques.

Experimenting with marble dust plaster, pigments, ink, and acrylic paint,

I build up many layers and damage the surface again through sanding, scratching and partially removing paint.

What makes working with this medium so exciting and challenging is that the material has a mind of it’s own. Cracks and texture appear after the marble dust plaster dries in unexpected and unpredictable ways. The material determines how the process unfolds, providing a new engaging challenge and perspective.

The attempt to capture the spirit of genesis and decline means to go on a journey through the past.

Playing with abstract forms and visual realism, and manipulating the creative process gives way to fantasy and freedom to create a new context.



to elaborate an unique technique and style and to create something significant - so it will not need the embalming of words to perpetuate it.


“The secret of life is to have a task, something you devote your entire life to,every minute of the day for your whole life. And the most important thing is– it must be something you cannot possibly do.” H. Moore.

Life as an artist

…”The fascination and challenge of being alone in the creative process –“ to live through the inner drama, the complex ebb and flow of feelings, to deal with hints and glimpses of images and ideas, the inner drive, urges, promptings and doubts -- the often fierce, undeniable, gut-deep need to create”…


“What, then, is creativity? Creativity is what happens when the raw material of reality is filtered through a consciousness and transformed into a significant artistic vision. Creativity is responding to the profundities and miracles in nature and life that are commonly devalued, depontentized -- simply not noticed -- by the curse of human blindness and the mediocrity of the mind-numbing routine imposed on everyday existence,” (excerpts from: The Artist’s Life, Creativity. 1994 by Don Gray)


The meaning of my work lies within the realm of the viewer.